Born in Brooklyn New York, Angela graduated from UCA Canterbury in 2010, having also studied in Vienna’s ‘Kunst Akademie'. A classical figurative artist, Angela's thoughtful and humorous pieces explore the notion of memory and value in various media. The sculptural work of this award-winning artist's medallic sculptures were displayed for 3 consecutive years in the British Museum's HSBC Gallery.  Angela has also mentored several young adults' creative portfolio development, resulting in their successful entries into Cheltenham Ladies' College and Kings in Canterbury. 

Although she is known perhaps more traditionally  for her attention to detail with watercolours, there are several places where Angela's murals and wall art can be seen throughout Kent. Murals painted by Angela can be seen in several independant bars and restaurants throughout Kent. Mucha inspired women can be seen propping up the piano in Belgian bar La Trappiste in Canterbury, Lions heads at the old Kent Market in Margate and 50's pin up ladies at Elsie Mo's Burgate Canterbury. The micro-pub FEZ was the most recent venue to ask for one of Angela's murals.